General conditions of sale




The general conditions of sale below apply to all transactions performed by our Society in the absence of a specific contract stipulating points on which our Society accepts an infringement.

he signing of an order implicates their approval therefore, without reservations whatever are clauses that can appear on the documents of the purchaser, that will not be able to be compared to us.

1 - b-Specifications, dimensions and information of all kinds carried on rates, notices, catalogues or advertising forms are only indicative and do not hire us. Our models can be changed in the same conditions.


Our rate agrees: Public Price TTC


3 – a In the case of quote as special or individual manufacture, our valuable offer is valid only for an immediate answer, jump opposite and written stipulation of our part.

3 - b - studies and technical recommendations are voluntarily made and given in purely indicative title. They do not hire our responsibility. They do not constitute an element of execution. It is up to the purchaser or the user, under its own responsibility, of control, and to prove that they take into account applicable general rules for this type of realization or particular conditions of job.

3 - c - Our goods are invoiced on the basis of rates in force in the day of recorded order. (see article IV)

3 - d - In the case of resumption for exchange of the goods, following from an error of our customers, we accept that only for the new equipment redirected in its packing of origin, and in them freshly.

3 - e - Articles except catalogue or individual ordered especially at the request of a customer, cannot and will not be either exchanged, or taken back.


To be taken in consideration, any order must be accompanied with the more cool complete regulations of harbour. In case of special orders with remittance of down payments, balance will have to be regulated before delivery. For metropolitan France, the goods will be able to be sent in cash on delivery by balance payable by the customer. For orders by the Internet, refer to the conditions of the site.

Any order implicates approval and respect for our conditions of sale


In the case of approved special conventions, the delivered goods remain our ownership, up to full payment of their main price and attachments, inherent risks in the conservation of the sold thing residing payable by the purchaser. Default in payment will be able to draw away the claim of the sold goods; that will be performed by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to the purchaser after demand to pay remained ineffectual. The purchaser will then have to restore us without delay and in his expenses the unpaid goods; in case of difficulty, it will be compelled by simple ordonnance of summary judgment there.

IV - On time

6-a - Our time are given in simple indicative title and do not constitute a definite commitment of our part. The not observation of the prescribed deadline can give rise to penalty, indemnification or interest-damage, or to justify cancellation, even partial of order.

6-b - In the case of accepted imperative time, our responsibility limits itself to the date of expedition and would under no circumstances know how to be hired for a delay caused by the not respect for the delay of transportation. We try hard to satisfy orders for the delay minimum, those being able to vary according to the supply or types of manufacture, do not hesitate to consult us.

VII - Transport and delivery

7-a - The harbour and the packing are supported by addresse according to shown rate.

7-b - The goods travel at risks of the addressee, even in the case, of expedition carriage paid or postage paid, routed by post or conveyor, according to the importance of the package or the choice of the customer.

7-c - We decline any responsibility about problems, losses whatever nature they are, as well as delays as the goods could to be subjected in the course of transportation. If need be, it is up to the addresse to make necessary reservations at the time of delivery and to confirm those written there recommended to the conveyor under a time of 48 hours (art 105 of the Commercial law). The addressee must therefore, in reception, prove the equipment delivered in the presence of the conveyor, and make, in case of problems, missing articles or substitution, definite reservations on the document of transport. It falls him, besides, to make all reservations of usage and to exercise any appeals against the conveyors, in accordance with articles 105 and 106 of the Code of Trade.

VIII - Compliance return and Guarantee

Claims concerning the composition of delivery, its compliance with the delivery slip and the visible quality of the goods will be accepted only if they are produced within 14 days according to the reception of the goods.

IX - Moral Ownership

GEM' stones is a registered trademark, any reproduction of LOGO, PHOTOGRAPH, belonging shone ARTICLE will be the object of chase.

X - Protest

In case of litigation, both with our purveyors and with our customers, attribution of competence is made in courts compétants, even in case of multiplicity of the respondents or call in guarantee.

XI - Expenses of harbour and invoicing

For expenses of harbour according to your choice refer to the indications of the Internet site at the end of your purchases.

For your purchases inferior in euro 15 possibility of dispatch in letter MAX

Above a more than  euro 457 value, dispatch in value declared according to value.

Against - refund at the expense of the purchaser.

A bill itemized with reusable VAT for the professionals is provided for every dispatch.

Our guarantees are the same that that of remote sale, time of 14 days of cogitation with reception.